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A Little Update

Thoughtfully penned on May 16th, 2006 and generally concerning Pregnancy

Little and I had a doctor visit yesterday and everything is looking good. Doc says my blood pressure, weight, etc are good; the results from my glucose screening and hematocrit (blood iron test) were right on target as well. Little’s heart beat sounded nice and strong and her heart rate was right where it should be. When he measured my uterus it was measuring right at 28-29 weeks, so it appears that she is growing like she should. She is definitely active these days!

M and I went to our “From Pregnancy to Parenthood in One Day” class at the hospital on Saturday. It was quite informative (in some areas, borderline too much information) and provided us with more insight with which to make some labor and delivery decisions. Overall, I think we both learned a lot even though it was a very long day (8 hours in class), and M wasn’t real interested in the breastfeeding section. :)

As of right now, we are all set to close on the house this Friday! We won’t actually move until after vacation (which I am very much looking forward to…only 10 more days!!), but hopefully we can get some painting done before the furniture and appliances get there. It will be nice to be home owners, once again, and put behind us (for now at least) the days of apartment dwelling.

More pictures are coming soon. M is working on the belly pictures album again, but hopefully we will have it updated before too long. We will probably add some pics of the house as we get into it and start getting things accomplished.

For all of you who will be at the shower this weekend, I’m looking forward to seeing you! For those of you who won’t make it, you will be missed!

Thanks, as always, for your love and prayers!