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Entering the 39th Week

Thoughtfully penned on July 24th, 2006 and generally concerning Pregnancy

Today I am exactly 38 weeks pregnant…only a couple more to go! This week’s doctor’s appointment went well; my blood pressure and Little’s heart rate are both still right where they should be. She doesn’t seem to be too interested in making an early appearance (at least not yet)…everything is still about where we were this time last week (2 cm dilated and 50% effaced). It looks like we will be induced on the 7th (or possibly the 8th) if she hasn’t come by then. The doctor said last week that it looks like she will probably be an 8-9 pounder. :)

Life is often uncomfortable at this point (as any of you who’ve been here can attest). It is nice for temps to be in the low 90s this week instead of the temps right around 100 with 105 degree heat indices that we went through last week! I’m retaining some fluid (evidenced by the fact that my rings are a little tighter than usual), having a few contractions (mostly braxton-hicks), and not sleeping real well. But life is good!

Everything is now purchased and washed for Little’s room. We have to assemble the changing table and get the bedding on the bed, but it is all ready to go. Hopefully, M and I can get some of that done this evening and have some “completed” pictures of her room to send out before too long. We are pleased with the way it has all come together.

Thanks for continuing to keep us in your prayers as we near the end of this phase. Lots of love to you all!

36 Weeks – The Count Down Is On

Thoughtfully penned on July 12th, 2006 and generally concerning Pregnancy

Monday was week 36 and another doctor’s appointment under our belts, so to speak. Everything still looks good and the doc said it could happen at any time now. Little is confirmed to be head down and descending and I’m dilated 1-2 with 50% thinning. We’ll see what news the visit next Monday holds. I’m working on packing my hospital bag.

Her nursery is coming along nicely. M is working on the trim and should have it finished up this weekend. Her bed is together and ready for mattress and bedding; she has a dust ruffle and valance (thanks to Great Grandma B); and we are looking for a dresser, changing table, or something like that to finish things in the furniture department. I have to wash all of her clothes, sheets, etc. Right now I’m trying to figure out exactly what detergent to use; if anyone has any suggestions, let me know.

We’ll keep you posted!

35 Down, 5 to Go

Thoughtfully penned on July 4th, 2006 and generally concerning Pregnancy

Here we are at week 35…it’s hard to believe; the time seems to have passed quickly. Yesterday was the first of my weekly doctor visits; he said that everything is looking good (her heart rate, my vitals, etc). M has commented on how all of a sudden I seem to have a “ready to pop at any time” belly instead of just a regular pregnant belly. My belly is getting bigger and she has gotten lower (which helps my ability to breathe!), so I guess it’s all about when she wants to make her appearance now. I will try to remember to get M to take a belly picture this week to add to the collection.

For the most part I’m feeling pretty good. It doesn’t take a whole lot of activity for me to begin feeling tired, but, with rest breaks, I’m making it. (I’m not sure if I’m being more of a help or a hindrance to M right now when I try to help with the work on the house.) I have trouble staying comfortable when I sleep, but I hear that is just par for the course; at least I’m getting some sleep. :)

We finally got Little a bed and bedding this weekend (thanks grandparents!)! We will buy her wall paint today, and her Grandma and Papa John are coming tomorrow to work on painting. Once we get the painting done (walls and trim) we will be ready to assemble her bed and put her room together. It should all be finished by the time she arrives. :) We’ll post some pics once we get everything finished.

I hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July!

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