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Spending Hiatus

Thoughtfully penned on March 5th, 2007 and generally concerning Matt's Hard Earned Cash, Sidetrack'd

I have a little problem and in an effort at full-disclosure I’m going to share it with you…I am a spender.

I’ve always been a spender, but now that I’m at home full-time I have more opportunities to watch my cash slowly fade into the distance – or not so slowly, it depends on the store. In all fairness to myself justification for my problem, I usually only buy things on sale. You might think this is a good thing because it means I’m spending less. You would be wrong, it just means that I have money left over to buy something else – like another cute pair of sandals.

My spending ways have only been exacerbated by Little’s presence. I mean, who can pass up a great Gymboree deal! There are just way too many cute clothes out there for little girls, and I seem to think she needs them all, in more than one size. We have baby clothes running out our ears and making Little’s closet an extremely disorganized mess.

So, I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to practice a little self-control for a while. Beginning yesterday, March 4, and ending March 31 I am officially on a frivolous spending hiatus. I cannot buy clothes, shoes, accessories, books, toys, etc for Little or myself. To compound the difficulty of this task, I’ve chosen a 4-week period that includes my birthday.

In this same time frame I also hope to get a grip on the monster that is Little’s closet. Because, really, how many sundresses can one girl wear?

Noise from the peanut gallery

  1. Ha Ha! Jana- you and I are too much alike! :) I know why God didn’t give me a girl! I’d probably buy things twice as much, because girl’s clothes are SOOO cute- then you got shoes, jewelry, hair accessories, etc.! Its too easy to buy for children… especially when I go to Goodwill, consignment stores or somewhere that I find great things really cheap! :) Since we’ve started the Dave Ramsey program, we have done an envelope for Child Care. Anything that C needs or wants like shampoo, diapers, toys, books- anything besides clothing and food… we have a certain amount of money that we have decided to spend on his extras. It works for us. That way I have a certain amount that I can spend and I don’t get carried away… Now clothes is a whole other problem! I go crazy on ebay for cute summer shortalls and smocked church outfits. :) Now when I stay home in December and I have more free time to go out and shop and FIND sales…. I might have to go on a spending freeze also!

  2. Well, I applaud your attempts at using self control! good job!

  3. If only I could go on a spending haiatus… In fact, we’re moving to England in a few months and we’ll hardly take anything with us. And still I buy cute jackets, shoes, serving dishes… Shame on me! I have to say though, retail therapy is awfully therapeutic! :)

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