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My childhood home

Thoughtfully penned on July 20th, 2007 and generally concerning childhood, Family, Grandparents

Mary at Owlhaven is hosting a blog carnival today challenging us to write about our childhood homes. If you are interested in playing along or if you would like to read about others’ memories of their childhood homes, click on the cute picture at the top of this post.

I lived in one house my entire childhood; I came home from the hospital to the house and, 22 years later, left when Matt and I married. My parents still live there.

Our house was a two story traditional style home. All of the living space was on the upper level (bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, etc), but we had a finished basement that served as a den/family room. The basement is the backdrop for many of my childhood and teenage memories – dancing with my brother to “Eye of the Tiger”, playing school with my baby dolls and stuffed animals, playing “house” with my cousins, hanging out with friends watching television and playing games. That room was (and still is) the center of much of our family activity.

There was always a pool in the backyard and it saw many pool parties, water fights, and strange and dangerous feats performed by teenage boys. I learned to swim there, and my brother fell through the ice one year “ice skating”.

And the Christmas memories, these are a big part of my childhood memories. We always had two Christmas trees in our house, one on each level, and each served a different purpose. The upstairs tree was our “formal” tree and presents that went to other people (extended family, friends, etc) went under that tree. Our downstairs tree was the family tree. It was always decorated with the “ornaments” that my brother and I made, paper chain garlands, colored lights, and lots of tinsel icicles. Coming down the stairs on Christmas morning to a tree brimming with gifts from Santa and parents and stockings hung by the chimney with care is the epitomy of childhood Christmas.

One of the great things about my childhood home was the proximity to our extended family. We lived within a few miles of both sets of my grandparents, several aunts and uncles, and a bevy of cousins. This allowed for numerous family get togethers and a childhood filled with the warmth and love of family. My cousins and brother were my best friends throughout my childhood.

My childhood home is filled with memories – the bad along with the good – but most of the the ones I hang onto are good. I hope Little has memories her childhood home as good as the ones that I have.

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  1. My brother and I danced to “Eye of the Tiger” too! When we weren’t dancing to “Man Eater” by hall and Oates, that is. :)

    Great memories. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh, those songs mentioned bring back so many mememories. Its been such a blast reliving my past with everyone. Just about everything I read brings back my own flood of memories

  3. That must have been amazing to grow up in the same house and have all your memories there, extended family close by, etc! It sounds like it was a very ideal upbringing for you! I too hope that my son will have good memories of his childhood homes…we will be moving a lot but hopefully at some point we will have a more permanent home/home base!

    Anyways, I enjoyed reading this!

  4. I love that idea of having a formal christmas tree and and a family christmas tree! Such a fun post!

  5. This was great– thanks for sharing!


  6. It is such a blessing to have had such a wonderful childhood. I hope that even though we’re in a season of much moving, my children can have a great childhood as well.

  7. I sidetracked to your site from Adventures in Babywearing..hope you don’t mind. I love reading about your childhood memories of your home. The reminiscing about Xmas took me down memory lane. Such fond memories! I’ll be visiting often and please feel free to visit my blog.