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Dog Days of Summer Giveaway

Thoughtfully penned on July 23rd, 2007 and generally concerning Blogging News, Giveaways, Sidetrack'd, Summer Fun

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Welcome to those of you who are visiting from Rocks in My Dryer. I’m glad to see you at Sidetrack’d and hope you will stop by again sometime.

Shannon at Rocks in My Dryer is hosting a super fun blog carnival this week rounding up all kinds of bloggy giveaways. At this point there are 250 participants and more giveaways will be added throughout the course of the week! Click on the cute little doggy button above to check out the host of bloggers who have joined the fun.

So I don’t miss out on all of the excitement, I’m hosting my first ever giveaway!

A randomly selected commenter will be the recipient of the darling little angel pictured below. This is the Angel of September from a collection of figurines known as Gnomy’s Diaries. The Gnomy’s figurines include the Angel of the Month series as well as a line known as The Legend of the Fortune Fairies (which I collect). I really like these figurines because of the child-like qualities in the design; they just have the sweetest little faces.


To be eligible to win please leave a comment on this post and tell me what you collect; if you don’t have a collection, no problem, just tell me that. One comment per participant, please; duplicate comments will be deleted. Make sure that there is a way I can reach you (either via e-mail or your blog) if you win. On Friday, at 4:30 pm central time, I will use an online random number generator to choose a winner. This giveaway is open to US and Canadian addresses only, my apologies to any overseas readers.

Head over to the Dog Days of Summer Bloggy Giveaway headquarters and see what else you might win! I plan to have at least one more giveaway this week, so check back Wednesday (look here for giveaway #2).

Noise from the peanut gallery

  1. What a great giveaway!! So awesome! :D

  2. This is darling! I don’t collect a thing, honestly, but I’d love to make this the start of my angel collection. :)

  3. That is an adorable angel. I collect postcards, miniature things, books…. and dust. ROFLOL


  4. I have never seen these – they are beautiful. I seem to collect scrapbook materials, books of all kinds, and craft items to use at some point :)

  5. Please add me!

  6. I have a collection of craft stuff in a closet. Does that count?? I also have some little nick nacks that I’ve inherited from various older relatives over the years.

  7. That’s cute… My MIL would LOVE it!! Please enter me!

    I hope you’ll come by and see me, too. I’m #180 at the bloggy giveaway hub.

  8. Please put my name in the hat.

  9. I don’t really collect much but my birthday is in September and she is just the sweetest little angel.

  10. My Grandmother collects Angels, so I know she would love something like this.

    Me, I collect fabric, yarn, and cookbooks.

  11. Laura Williams · July 24th, 2007 at 1:38 am

    Please enter me into the drawing! Thank you!

  12. Thanks for visiting!

  13. Please enter me.


  14. She is cute!


  15. I collect Vogue Ginny dolls, Barbies & Dreamsicles. I also collect birthstone things for me & my 2 girls. My oldest’s birthday is in September so this will be awesome!

  16. Precious! I have a collection of angels. :)

  17. I used to collect carousel horses :) I love that angel, she is sooo cute.

  18. I collect Willow Tree figurines, Jana. I have quite a few but the crowning glory of my collection is the complete Nativity.

    This angel is adorable. Please count me in! And thank you.

  19. This is so cute! Plese count me in…and thanks for entering my drawing!

  20. She is so cute; I think she would love to live at my house!

  21. I collect scrapbooking supplies, and snowmen. Oh, and my birthday is in September! Please count me in!

  22. She’s precious. I’ve never seen these before. I collect cherished teddies — though, I’m not actively collecting at the moment.

  23. Frugal housewife · July 24th, 2007 at 9:32 pm

    This looks great! Please add me to your list. My e-mail address is myspamfoil@gmail.com.

  24. At Christmas I collect Snowmen and Santas. Otherwise, I like angels and teddy bears. This angel, is just adorable, and I would love to display it! Please count me in!!!

  25. I love things like this! Thanks for the chance at winning!!

  26. How darling. I collect birdhouse items.

  27. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  28. Well, I collect spoons, and dust bunnies :)

    Please enter me and then come on over and enter my giveaways! :)

    Coming to a Nursery Near You

  29. [...] here are the details on my second giveaway this week (look here for the first [...]

  30. Very pretty! I’m in too :)

    I don’t actually collect anything yet :) There are tons of things I’d LIKE to collect eventually though :)

  31. Oh, pick me! I want to win! I collect spoons. BTW, I’m doing a giveaway over at my place. Please stop by if you get a chance.

  32. I collect children. No, seriously, mostly scrapbooking supplies. I don’t mean to collect them but since they are not getting used much anymore since baby, it looks more like a collection. I guess I collect books. I’m a homeschool mom, what can I say??

  33. Oh how adorable is this figurine?!!! I collect faeries, celebrity autographed photos (have over 6000 of them), Disney snowglobes and special Beanie Babies:-) Pretty soon I’ll need a bigger house for all my collections! lol Please enter my name in your draw, I would soooo love to win this little cutie! xox

  34. Thank you for hosting a giveaway! What a cute angel!

  35. I collect hearts and snowmen. :o)

  36. How cute, Count me in!

  37. Fabulous, my birthday is in September! I used to collect moose (meese? lol..) but now I mostly collect digiscrapping kits. Please count me in. And don’t forget to stop by my blog for my giveaway too! Thanks, and have a great week!

  38. I collect angels!Please enter me!

  39. I collect sunflowers and angels.Count me in.monk5@charter.net

  40. Very cute. I don’t collect anything. I used to collect bells when I was younger but I haven’t done that for years.

  41. Count me in! Christmas Ornaments.
    Trina :0)

  42. Enter me please! I don’t collect anything.
    crazymamma1966 at hotmail dot com

  43. I love that sweet lil angel. I collect miniature porcelain or glass shoes

  44. I collect children. ;)

    Count me in, please! And feel free to stop by my blog and enter to win free Scripture!


  45. That is so sweet! I was collecting pretty toothpick holders for a while, but not anymore. It would seem that I now collect scrapbooking supplies! LOL

  46. Love it! I collect everything and anything country/prim. Please enter me in! Thanks! :)

  47. neat!

  48. I have been collecting Precious Moments figurines for several years. Thank you for offering the cute angel:)