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A cupcake extravaganza

Thoughtfully penned on August 8th, 2007 and generally concerning Friendship, Good Eats, Of games and good things, Summer Fun

For several weeks now my sidebar has been home to a cute little “Summer Cupcake Caper” button. When Gibee announced the competition it sounded like such fun that I decided to create an entry. To add to the amusement, I invited my friend Michelle and her two girls (ages 5-1/2 and 2-1/2) to help me destroy my kitchen bake and taste-test my submmission.

On a lovely Wednesday morning a few weeks ago Michelle and the girls came over and the baking began. Having noticed that small chefs can sometimes be eager to add ingredients to the mix, I had gathered all the necessary components and utensils beforehand to help speed the process (next time I might pre-measure the ingredients as well). When the girls came in we drew stools and chairs to the counters and set about making our mess cupcakes.

At my instruction B began breaking eggs into a bowl and, due to Michelle’s diligence, we got them into the mixing bowl sans shells. While they worked on eggs, I measured other ingredients and K (the 2-1/2 year old) licked raw egg off the counter. Then, into the mixing bowl – with B and K alternating turns – went all of the ingredients to be mixed by two spoons and four sweet little hands.

After everything was well mixed we used a scoop to transfer the contents of the bowl into the cupcake pans. Into the oven they went and the excruciating wait between mixing and eating began. K was excited because, “Ooo, we’re making muffins!”

While the cupcakes cooled we went to work creating frosting. There were three frostings concocted from which we would determine our favorite and the contest submission. We started with a strawberry frosting that B quickly deemed the favorite. She enjoyed it so much that Michelle and I kept seeing little fingers go into the bowl for “one more taste.”

Once the frostings were complete it was time to decorate. We had sprinkles, strawberries, and chocolate covered strawberries with which to adorn our cupcakes, and beautiful designs resulted. I wish I had pictures of B’s wonderful cupcake creations, but, unfortunately, my camera batteries were dead.

I believe a good time was had by all. In the end, the counters were sticky, the floor was sticky, there were baking supplies and powdered sugar everywhere; in general it looked like a bakery had exploded. But it was worth the clean up to see the girls enjoying the fruits (or desserts as it were) of their labor.

Noise from the peanut gallery

  1. I you can get over the mess, then days like that are oh so fun! I’m thinking where I might get my hands on a cupcake right now!

  2. That sounds like so much fun! I will say that I am glad I didn’t have to clean it up! :)

  3. What? No photo? LOL

    You know, I love this post, Jana. I love it that you don’t care about the sticky mess, as long as the kids had fun. If that’s not what cupcakes are all about, I don’t know what is.

    And the way you wrote this post just cracked me up. Wonderful!

  4. It can be so much fun to bake with kids! My 8-year-old loves cooking – pretty soon, I’m going to have him take over dinner duty.

  5. Enjoyed your writing as I could just imagine what it must have looked like (and felt like on bare feet)in your kitchen! How precious of you to host such an event.