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Diaper tabs be cursed

Thoughtfully penned on August 9th, 2007 and generally concerning E, Motherhood

Little is no longer allowed to wear clothing that doesn’t have a piece to cover her diaper (i.e., pants, one piece outfits, fancy pants). She has figured out how to undo her diaper tabs and that when she does her diaper comes loose.

Which leads us to a few minutes ago when I got her out of her crib after nap only to feel her bare bum under her dress instead of a diaper! Needless to say, her dress, her blankets, her bear, her sheet, and her mattress pad were soaked.

She is an inquisitive child which is fun because you can almost see her mind making connections as she learns new things.  However, she is quickly becoming too smart for my good.

Off to do a load of laundry…

Noise from the peanut gallery

  1. Ha! Bubbie liked to do that too! :) I think they’re smarter than us!

  2. I am so glad neither one of my girls had any interest in taking their diaper off. Although Maya’s only 18 months, so I guess there’s still time.

  3. Oh… I can relate! My middle guy Alexander always takes his diaper off! There have been those dreaded few occasions where I walk into his room and I’m greeted with some yucky stuff! Eww…. then I sterilize him and his sheets and crib! :)
    - Audrey
    Pinks & Blues Girls

  4. Little and Loggie might have more in common than being cousins! He has always like to go au naturale and at the moment she seems to enjoy it as well. The joys of motherhood!!

  5. Sometimes Ethan gets curious about those tabs. I’ve been trying to distract him! I have a friend whose little one takes all her clothes off!

    PS I have a contest going on. Stop by!

  6. Just this very weekend my little guy decided to start taking off his shorts or pj bottoms when napping or down for the night. I wondered out loud to my husband this morning how long it will take him to discover the diaper comes off easily, too. Actually, I’m shocked he hasn’t discovered that already, since he can open the gate on the stairs and take the plastic things out of the electrical sockets. Can you say “duct tape??” ha!