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One at a time is plenty, thanks.

Thoughtfully penned on August 24th, 2007 and generally concerning E, Friendship, Of games and good things, Summer Fun, Wii

Earlier this week Matt and I had the pleasure of visiting with three of the four children belonging to our friends D & D. This brought the total number of children in our house to four, because, you know, Little was still here too; children present were H (11 yo), N (5.5 yo), E (2.5 yo), and Little (13 months old).

We enjoyed playing inside and outside with everything from bubbles to the Wii. H & N really had fun playing Wii bowling, and N was excited because he bowled a strike in pretty much every game he played. Matt pulled the boys and Little around the yard in our wagon which apparently was a great time. I kept hearing cries of “faster” accompanied by lots of laughter and few breaks for the man doing all the work. I appreciated the time I was able to spend with H (D & D’s oldest daughter) getting to know her a bit and just having the opportunity to talk to her about school, friends, and soccer.

Little wasn’t real sure what to think about having so many other children in the house. She watched the boys, got upset when Matt went outside with the boys but not her, and waited patiently (for a one year old) for her turn in the wagon. She was good and played well, but you could tell she was a bit unsure about why those people were at her house.

After everyone left and Little was in bed Matt and I sat on the couch relaxing and enjoying the calm. We had a brief peek into the life of a family with four children, and I believe that our thoughts can be summed up in Matt’s statement: “I’m glad they usually come one at a time!”

Noise from the peanut gallery

  1. HA! HA! Yes! Right now I’m thinking 2 IS PLENTY!!! Of course, like Andy said, in a year or so, I’ll be begging for another one!

  2. You better be careful what you say. Twin are in the generation.
    You never know. Love you and missed talking when I called this afternoon.

  3. So true!

  4. Yes, and that when they do come, they don’t move or say much for a while!

  5. Thanks for playing with my kids while David was away. They had fun!! And now every time we pass by your street on the way to the soccer field (which is at least five times a week), the child NOT playing soccer wants to come to your house!!! You wowed my children.