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An inauspicious start

Thoughtfully penned on August 26th, 2007 and generally concerning E, House, Plagues and Pestilence

Friday evening Matt and I decided that it’s time to make the final push and finish decorating our kitchen. This will involve painting the laundry room (which is open into the kitchen), replacing cabinet hardware, and adding artwork, decorations, etc to the walls in the eating area.

Saturday morning we woke up with some errands to run and headed out early hoping to beat the heat and the crowds. The first stop was Wal-Mart where we pretty quickly picked up the few things we needed. Next up was Lowe’s where our list consisted of blinds, cabinet hardware, and paint. The search for hardware proved futile and we opted to wait until next month to get the blinds. On to the paint area where we quickly (believe it or not) found a color that we liked and got the paint mixed. Although our Lowe’s stop only yielded a one out of three success rate, we were knocking out our errand stops.

We loaded up at Lowe’s and set off for Bed Bath and Beyond – our final errand – before going to Barnes and Noble to have a little fun time. As we pulled out of the Lowe’s parking lot I handed Little her cup of water. This is where things got interesting.

There were a few minutes to kill before BB&B opened so we were cruising around the mall parking lots. All of a sudden there came from the back seat a gagging sound followed closely by the sound of vomit flowing from Little’s mouth. Then it happened again. I turned around to see our poor baby girl covered in puke with more still coming up.

Matt pulled the car into a parking space and we hastily retrieved napkins from the glove box and wipes from the bag. Little started crying, so I pulled her out of the carseat while Matt continued cleaning up with mess. I changed her out of her messy clothes into the only backup outfit we had in the car – a 9 months size onesie.

She really looked pretty pitiful with her red eyes, mussed up hair, and too small outfit but we soldiered on to BB&B – which was a fruitless stop – before we brought the poor girl home.

So, in the end we came home with paint and a stinky car; definitely an inauspicious start to the day.

(Fortunately, Little is not sick; it seems this was an isolated incident.)

Noise from the peanut gallery

  1. Vomit in the car is the worst! I am glad she is not sick!

  2. Uh oh! Poor baby! Glad she isn’t sick… Looking forward to seeing pics of the kitchen! Sorry I missed ya’ll online this afternoon… internet finally got up and running!

  3. Oh my word… can’t get much worse than vomit in the car and carseat. Poor thing. Glad she’s not sick. Sounds like you all are much better at “decorating errands” (as my husband calls them). I have to think about what I want, go look, buy nothing, go home, rethink, go look, buy something, return it, rethink…etc. That’s why my keeping room is still unpainted and empty. I’ll keep reading you for inspiration!

  4. Maybe she got car sick? Glad to hear that she’s not really sick.