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Little’s big-girl bed, take 2

Thoughtfully penned on February 13th, 2008 and generally concerning E, Motherhood

I’m not sure exactly how it happens, but it seems that a new week begins and the next thing I know it is Wednesday already. Guess I will have to start setting posts to autopost on Monday and Tuesday in order to get any blogging done the first of the week! The big problem with this setup is that I feel like I have so much that I need and want to get done in the next few weeks and just don’t have the time and energy (especially the energy) to get much accomplished. Oh well, I suppose that as long as Boo has a safe place to sleep and a few clothes to wear the other things can wait.

And on to the real post for today…

A couple of weeks ago my parents were in town visiting and we were able to get the twin-size box spring and mattress for Little’s big-girl bed. We are awaiting the arrival of her bed frame from Matt’s parents house but since that probably won’t happen until after Boo is here, we needed to go ahead and begin transitioning Little out of the crib.

Saturday afternoon we brought the “bed” home and Matt and my dad moved the crib out of Little’s room and the mattresses in. I was a bit concerned when she held onto the crib slat and said, “my nite-nite,” the whole time they were moving the crib. I guess she was just helping, though, because as soon as they started bringing in the box spring and mattress she got very excited. They set up her bed, we put on the bed-rail and sheets, and Little immediately climbed on and started laughing and playing. She seemed most amazed that she had a bed with a pillow and a “big dee” (her comforter).

She has slept in her bed all night, every night since we set it up. She goes in at night (and naptime), gets in bed, and stays there until someone comes to get her the next morning; just like she did in the crib. She is amazingly compliant when it comes to bedtime/naptime, and we have not had any problems with her getting out of bed before she goes to sleep or getting up in the night even though she knows how to climb in and out by herself. And best of all, in the week and a half since she left the crib we haven’t heard a single “Da-da…uh oh” to let us know she fell out of bed.

She is such a good girl and has made this transition so easily. I only hope that bringing home baby, potty training, and the other transitions we face in the next several months go half so smoothly!

Noise from the peanut gallery

  1. oh gosh jana, i got the biggest giggle with the dada uhoh! that was just soooo cute then and still is! i’m so glad she’s a good sleeper for you! as a mom of a non-sleeper, i’m also very envious ;)

  2. yeah little!!!

  3. What a big girl! I bet she is going to be a great big sister!

  4. Enjoy these moments, because they will be gone way too soon. This from your aunt that remembers the day you were born and
    finds it hard to believe you could possibly be a wife and mother.
    This also, from your aunt whose baby is 18 and will graduate from high school in May. Wasn’t it just yesterday you were coming around the corner to play with my babies?

    Sooo Proud!

    Love you & Little & Matt & Boo Too!!

    Aunt Nan

  5. Way to go Little!