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Ring Sling Giveaway

Thoughtfully penned on February 3rd, 2008 and generally concerning Blogging News, Contests

The ladies at DE Review are offering the chance to win a great ring sling (open or closed tail) from slingcarrier.com. This would be a great addition to my budding (or soon to be budding) sling collection. If you’re interested, click here or on the button in the side bar.

Fifteen on Friday

Thoughtfully penned on February 1st, 2008 and generally concerning Goals, Housework, J

Here is a portion of my pre-Boo to-do list; these are all things that will effect him directly (I’m currently omitting things like clean fridge, dust blinds…you know, the fun stuff). I’m sure there are other things that have and will come to mind, but right now I’ll share “Fifteen on Friday” because it makes for good alliteration in the title.

1. Find and purchase boy crib bedding that I actually like and can afford
2. Choose a paint color for Boo’s walls
3. Find new homes for various items remaining in Boo’s room
4. Prep and paint trim and walls
5. Hang closet doors
6. Buy mattress and box springs for Little’s big-girl bed
7. Move nursery furniture to Boo’s room
8. Find chair that I would like in Boo’s room (and hope it is in the budget)
9. Buy burp cloths that aren’t pink
10. Go through Little’s clothes to see what can be used for a boy
11. Create registries
12. Find a double stroller that I’m willing to push (and can maneuver)
13. Purchase sling(s), nursing pillow, and possibly some other “wants” for myself
14. Wash clothes, bedding, blankets, fabric parts of equipment, etc.
15. Set up tour of maternity floor at hospital since it is a different hospital than where Little was born

And there you have it. Now if I can just quit procrastinating and get some of these things crossed off…eleven weeks to go!