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She knows good music when she hears it

Thoughtfully penned on July 8th, 2008 and generally concerning E, Music

Last Tuesday a friend and I took the kids to a local museum.  It is about a 20 minute trip, so I loaded up the iPod, hooked up the FM transmitter, and we hit the road listening to the Juno soundtrack.

On the way home, the last song ended and I turned off the radio since we were only a few miles from the house.  As soon as Little realized that the music had stopped she began chanting, “more susic.”  To appease my girl I turned the iPod back on and started a Caedmon’s Call album.

We were only a few seconds into the first song when I heard from the back seat – “not dis susic!”  I asked if she wanted to listen to Juno again instead.  “Uh huh,” she said.  As the soundtrack began again she said, “Boo like dis song.” Um, yeah, I’m sure he does.

That evening I was telling Matt about what she’d said.  He asked her what kind of music she liked, and she responded “Dee-no” (translation: Juno).  Now anytime you ask her about music her response is “Dee-no.”  She knows good music, and she definitely knows what she likes.

Noise from the peanut gallery

  1. You need to get the girl hooked on Over the Rhine now. My girls are the same way about music. It’s on every waking moment, and usually we’re singing along. I’m listening to a new cd (new group) I saw at Cornerstone, New World Son. I’m digging it.

  2. She is also happy to tell you what her brother likes. Unfortunately for him, she will probably enjoy deciding things for him far into the future. At least that’s how is goes at my house. :)

  3. Yeah, Jenna and Ashley seem to like the same things too! If Jenna wants something she’ll say “Bebe” wants it.

  4. i love it!!!