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Maa-eeo tiime!

Thoughtfully penned on July 22nd, 2008 and generally concerning E, Of games and good things

Little has taken up video games.  Well, not really, she is only two, but she does enjoy “playing” along with Matt.  When he gets out his “buttons” (translation: controller), Little has to have her “buttons”, too (aka, a GameCube controller).  She’ll sit beside him (or stand in front of the TV in his way) and play.

We’re borrowing Mario Galaxy from friends, and that is Little’s current favorite.  Over the weekend, she could be heard saying (loudly) “It’s Maa-eeo tiime!” every time Matt started playing a game – no matter what game he was playing.  She also likes to accompany her gameplay with a demonstration of how Mario “jumps silly.”

She’s quite the little gamer.

Thank you all for your “get well” wishes.  I am feeling better, but still not 100%; hopefully, it will clear up totally in the next few days.

Noise from the peanut gallery

  1. Of course she needs her own controller. It’s fun to push buttons. She probably knows more about gaming than I do.

  2. hee hee! i wish i could she her do this!

  3. I am glad you are feeling better! Matt better watch out. I know she is only 2, but they learn those things so quickly. She’ll be giving him some competition!

  4. It’s great when they’re happy with a controller from another game system or one that isn’t plugged in, but soon they realize that their controller is doing nothing and it becomes a whole other story!

  5. Julie Littrell · July 24th, 2008 at 5:47 pm

    Yeah, that’s how the playing games thing started in our house too. Now Justin is better than most of us on the Wii games.