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Little on babywearing

Thoughtfully penned on November 12th, 2008 and generally concerning Babywearing, E

Little is pretty intrigued by the whole babywearing thing.  It’s just part of her life (being the only thing she’s known since Boo was born), but it is cute when she talks about it.  Here are a few of her recent comments concerning babywearing…

Several weeks ago she was in the big part of a shopping cart playing with the reusable shopping bags while I gathered the things we needed.  She put the handles of a red-patterned bag over her head, slid her baby doll between the bag and her body and declared, “Baby in sling.”

Most anytime we’re running errands I pop Boo into a carrier and push Little in the cart or let her walk while holding my hand.  A couple of times recently we’ve been running into a store to pick up a single item, and instead of taking the time to get Boo into the sling or mei tai I’ve just carried him on my hip and held Little’s hand with my other hand.  She’s always very concerned when this takes place (and heaven forbid if I put Boo into “her” seat in the shopping cart!) and tells me in no uncertain terms that “Boo need to in ride sling!”

And finally, the other day she was playing with her baby doll.  She was holding baby against her body with her “dee” covering the baby’s body.  For a few minutes she just walked around the living room with baby like that.  Finally, her daddy asked her what she was doing.  Her response?  “Carry baby in mei tai.”

I think she needs a child’s sized sling or mei tai for Christmas.  Matt thinks I’m crazy. :-)

Noise from the peanut gallery

  1. They make them!! I know hotslings makes some.

  2. And that is exactly what makes it crazy ;-)

  3. Oh! Yes! Bubba, she must have a sling! That is adorable!

  4. I made my daughter a simple pouch sling out of a piece of fleece. I just cut out a length of fabric, hand-sewed the ends together, and then folded it like you would a Hotsling…super easy, but she loves it!

  5. I agree, Little needs a sling. Nurture that maternal nature!

  6. Absolutely. Little girls learn from Mom, Grandma & so on. That would be a perfect Christmas gift.