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More from Little

Thoughtfully penned on February 19th, 2009 and generally concerning E

Okay, so everything I’ve posted this week has been about Little.  I promise that’s not all that I think about, but, come on, give a Momma a break; she’s just too darn cute.

Little’s wardrobe choices are often based on what the rest of the family is wearing.  If everyone else is wearing jeans, then she wants to wear jeans.  If Baby Buddy has on khaki pants, then Little wants some, too.  This is the general rule; there are, of course, exceptions.  No one else in the family has red cowboy boots, for instance.

Anyway, the khaki pants.  Little has a couple of pairs that she wears fairly often.  And she really likes to call her pants by their full names (i.e., blue jeans, gray pants, khaki pants), not just refer to them generically as “pants”.

What’s so funny?  She says the word “pants” with a long “a” sound (good Southern girl that she is), and she hasn’t quite mastered the “k” sound yet.  So every time she says “khaki pants” I hear “tacky paints”.

And sometimes that just makes me laugh.

Did you catch that?

Thoughtfully penned on February 17th, 2009 and generally concerning E

Sometimes I wish I carried around a voice recorder to capture all of the cute and funny things that Little comes out with.  She is constantly saying something that makes me laugh, makes me smile, or melts my heart.  I try to record as many of these Little-isms on the blog as I can, but there is just no way to adequately capture her intonation and pronunciation in print.  That being said, here are a few of her funnies of late…

A couple of weeks ago Baby Buddy was in his high chair while I worked on dinner; when he started crying Little said, “Don’t cry, Baby Buddy!  We can help!”

On the way to the zoo last week she saw the pagoda type building that houses the panda bears.  “That building has a lots of sanwiches on top!”

Coming home from the zoo that day Baby Buddy fell asleep in the car.  Little said, “But I don’t want him to go to sleep before we get home.”  I said, “I don’t really want him to either, but there isn’t much we can do about it.”  Little replied, “Oh boy, oh boy…what we can do about Baby Buddy sleeping?”

And then today…She came into Baby Buddy’s room with me when I went to get him up from his nap.  He had been crying for a couple of minutes before I could get in there, so his face was red and he was still snuffling a little when we got in there.  Little looked at Baby Buddy and said (in exactly the tone of voice and intonation I use when he’s upset), “Why you crying Baby Buddy?  You have a rough day?  You have a rough day playing?”

Hair styles by Little

Thoughtfully penned on February 16th, 2009 and generally concerning E, Highly Comical

Friday night I went out to dinner and shopping with my girls.  Matt stayed home and entertained the kids.  When I got back he told me this story…

Little was sitting in  Matt’s lap while he was doing some things on the computer.  As he concentrated on what he was reading Little was rubbing her hand on his hair and saying something that he didn’t quite catch.

The hair rubbing and talking went on for a couple of minutes before Matt realized that she was saying something about putting hair stuff on his hair.  He began to pay a little closer attention to what she was doing.

Little was wiping her nose with her hand.  Then rubbing her snotty hand on his head!

I think we’ll start a new line of hair products – Little Snotty Hair.

Her attire is…interesting

Thoughtfully penned on February 10th, 2009 and generally concerning E, Motherhood

This afternoon we had to make a quick run to the grocery to pick up tortillas for dinner.  Little wore her cute gray knit pants, a pink t-shirt, and her cowboy boots.

They are red.

And several sizes too big.

And were on the wrong feet.

She walked through the store without a care in the world.  And I walked beside her proud to be her momma.

A side of motivation, please?

Thoughtfully penned on February 9th, 2009 and generally concerning Goals

One of my goals for 2009 is to lose 30 pounds.  What have I accomplished?  Absolutely nothing.  During January I was totally unmotivated in regard to my eating and exercise.

And now February has begun and it’s time to get my act in gear; for the next 6 weeks (which will take me right up to my birthday) I’m going to work on getting some of this weight off.  I’m not one for extreme dieting so I don’t expect to lose all of the weight in that time, but it would be wonderful to drop the first 10 pounds or so.

How will I go about it?  My first step is to reinstate the rules I used during my challenge back in the summer/fall – exercise 5-7 days per week, limit my non-water intake to one per day, and no eating after 7 pm.  I know I’ll have to make some additional alterations from the way I’m currently eating, but I think these three things will help a lot.

So there we have it.  I’ve spoken (or at least typed) it, so I have some accountability.  Now if I can just find the motivation.

Time for a Baby Buddy update

Thoughtfully penned on February 6th, 2009 and generally concerning J

We’re approaching the 10 months old mark and I’m constantly vacillating between “where did the last 10 months go?” and “you mean this baby hasn’t always been here?” and “how have we survived the 10 months that is Baby Buddy?”  He is growing and changing so fast that it’s hard to keep up with him.

So, what’s he been up to for the last few months?

At his 9 months checkup he weighed 19 pounds 4 ounces and was 27 inches long which, apparently, means he’s on the small side.  But don’t tell his clothes because they don’t seem to notice that he’s in the 10th and 25th percentiles (respectively).  He’s outgrown most of his 6-9 months clothes and even some of his 12 months stuff.

We are currently sleeping through the night which is a huge accomplishment in his short little life.

He has been off of Prevacid for almost two months and is doing great!  I was afraid we were going to be on medication for the long term, but he seemed to turn a corner just before Christmas and hasn’t had trouble since then.

He has been crawling all over the place for a while now and pulling up for a couple of months.  He isn’t quite to the point of taking steps yet, but I don’t figure it will be too much longer.

He still only has his two bottom front teeth.  I keep thinking that the top two must be imminent, but they seem to be in no hurry to make their appearance.

He doesn’t let his lack of teeth slow him down, though, he is eating anything and everything that he can get into his hands (er, mouth).  Goldfish? yep. Paper? yep. Cap ‘n Crunch? yep.  He is a totally different eater than his sister.  Where Little was content to nurse and have some table food when we offered it, Baby Buddy is all about “real” food.  If we get something out of the pantry he immediately gets excited.  When he sees food on a plate he dives for it.  Then there is the growling.  I’ve never heard anything quite like this from a little guy; he has this growl that is only used to express his urgency in regards to all things food.  And he likes to scream if the food doesn’t get to him fast enough.  Guess maybe this is just one of the differences between raising girls and raising boys.

And this week he accomplished his two newest abilities – he can clap and click his tongue.  And even do both at the same time!  He is so incredibly proud of himself and you can tell by his huge grin and the gleam in his eyes.

Baby Buddy is a happy, rough and tumble boy who brings great joy to our lives.  I can’t wait to see what changes the next few weeks and months bring.

2009 Financial Goals

Thoughtfully penned on February 2nd, 2009 and generally concerning Goals, Matt's Hard Earned Cash

About 4 years ago Matt and I took Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. With the things we learned in the classes we were able to pay off all of our debt (except our house).

For the first couple of years we did really well, but as we got out of debt and started bringing in a little more income we got lazy with our budgeting and envelope system. So when our church decided to offer FPU we decided to go through the program again. This time around we’re focusing on getting our savings in line so we can do some things around the house and work toward paying cash for our next car.

Last weekend we sat down and worked out our budget for February. It wasn’t much fun, but, hopefully, it will all pay off when we are able to meet our financial goals for this year.

As of today, these are our financial goals for 2009:

1. Move our savings into an account that earns more interest – February 15

2. Have Life Insurance in place for both Matt and I – March 1

3. Create a Last Will and Testament for both Matt and I – February 15

4. Research Homeowners and Auto Insurance options before renewal – May 1

5. Fully fund 4 months of Emergency Fund – September 30

6. Prepare and file tax return – February 15

Each month I plan to revisit these goals to see what we’ve accomplished and to add any new goals to the list. I think having the information here and in print (in my budget book) will help keep us on track and accountable.