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March update: Financial Goals 2009

Thoughtfully penned on March 12th, 2009 and generally concerning Goals, Matt's Hard Earned Cash

Early last month I posted some of our financial goals for the year.  Here’s where we are so far:

Done – 1. Move our savings into an account that earns more interest – February 15 – we’ve opened two new savings accounts and have earned more interest on the money than we did all of last year.

2. Have Life Insurance in place for both Matt and I – March 1 April 1

3. Create a Last Will and Testament for both Matt and I – February 15 April 15

4. Research Homeowners and Auto Insurance options before renewal – May 1 – have started this process; still gathering quotes, etc.

Done! – 5. Fully fund 4 months of Emergency Fund – September 30 March 5 – I am so excited that we were able to complete this quickly thanks to our tax refund

Done - 6. Prepare and file tax return – February 15

So, we’ve completed three of these six in the last month or a little more.  My big issue right now is with our Wills – I just can’t wrap my mind around choosing guardians for our kids in the event we aren’t here to raise them.  We’re considering our options (okay, so that sounds like we’re choosing a new paint color. We’re trying to prayerfully consider the people in our lives with whom we trust our children’s lives and well being), and, hopefully, we can get the Wills written soon.

New goals?  Since we’re doing pretty well I’m adding a couple of new things to the list.  Matt and I haven’t sat down to set “achieve by” dates yet, though.

1. Fully fund an additional 2 months of Emergency Fund (for a total of 6 months funded)

2. Start saving for a replacement car (ours are 10 and 6 years old, but that’s okay for now because they are paid for)

That’s our progress thus far in 2009.  Hopefully, we can get a couple more things marked off the list soon!

Noise from the peanut gallery

  1. You’ve made good progress! I think the will thing is so hard. Even though we have some good options, I still think we are the BEST parents for our own children (not the best parents in general), and it is so hard to think of them with someone else. Lord willing, that will never happen!

  2. Awesome! BTW, so JEALOUS that you have no 5 done! :) Oh and I had an easy time picking guardians for the kiddos! We picked the best!! ;) Love y’all!

  3. it is hard picking guardians, buty ou’ll feel so much better when it’s done..knowing that the decision was YOURS and not the states!!!