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Boy or girl? That is the question

Thoughtfully penned on August 31st, 2009 and generally concerning Pregnancy, S

Today is the big day…ultrasound day! In a couple of hours we’ll head to the doctor’s office and find out whether this wee babe growing inside of me is a boy or a girl. I’m very excited! :-)

Little has fluctuated between wanting a baby brother or a baby sister for the last several weeks. Yesterday she told me she wants a baby sister because a sister won’t pull her hair like Boo does.

Boo would probably like to have a baby brother. That would give him a built in, lifetime wrestling and rough-housing partner. But he’s too young to express his opinion.

Matt and I just want a healthy baby. Early on in the pregnancy I felt like the baby is a girl, but the last few weeks I haven’t had a strong feeling one way or the other. Matt hasn’t voiced an opinion (he usually doesn’t on this matter).

My two best friends are split – one thinks it’s a girl, the other thinks it’s a boy.

The extended family (grandparents, my aunts, our siblings, etc) are probably pretty evenly split based on those who’ve said anything.

Either way, we’ll know in a few hours, and we’ll be ecstatic to know it’s a healthy, growing wee babe.

Noise from the peanut gallery

  1. I think me and Tim just might be as excited as you guys are….. or maybe more :) I know which ever it is, it will be one very loved and blessed wee babe!

  2. Bad news, Little. Jenna’s little sis has been pulling her hair daily since she was three months old…

  3. Congrats on finding out! I can’t wait to meet her!!!

  4. and the news is!?!?!? i can’t wait to hear! i can’t believe you’re far enough along to find out!