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Boy or girl? That is the question

Thoughtfully penned on August 31st, 2009 and generally concerning Pregnancy, S

Today is the big day…ultrasound day! In a couple of hours we’ll head to the doctor’s office and find out whether this wee babe growing inside of me is a boy or a girl. I’m very excited! :-)

Little has fluctuated between wanting a baby brother or a baby sister for the last several weeks. Yesterday she told me she wants a baby sister because a sister won’t pull her hair like Boo does.

Boo would probably like to have a baby brother. That would give him a built in, lifetime wrestling and rough-housing partner. But he’s too young to express his opinion.

Matt and I just want a healthy baby. Early on in the pregnancy I felt like the baby is a girl, but the last few weeks I haven’t had a strong feeling one way or the other. Matt hasn’t voiced an opinion (he usually doesn’t on this matter).

My two best friends are split – one thinks it’s a girl, the other thinks it’s a boy.

The extended family (grandparents, my aunts, our siblings, etc) are probably pretty evenly split based on those who’ve said anything.

Either way, we’ll know in a few hours, and we’ll be ecstatic to know it’s a healthy, growing wee babe.


Thoughtfully penned on August 25th, 2009 and generally concerning E, Grandparents, Plagues and Pestilence

It has been an interesting few days around here.

All last week Little had a kind of random cough. She would have coughing “fits” where she would cough a lot for a few minutes and then would go hours without coughing again. It was a bit strange, but I didn’t really think much of it; I thought it was just allergies or a cold coming on or something. She didn’t show any other symptoms until this weekend when she started running a low-grade fever. Her fever has gotten up to 101.5, but she still doesn’t really have any symptoms other than the cough and fever. She is a little lethargic and whiney, but for the most part she’s just Little.

And speaking of this weekend…my parents (Bebe and Grandad) came to visit. It was Little’s “birthday” weekend (a few weeks past her actual birthday, but more on the birthday in another post) and she had a big day planned to spend with Bebe and Grandad on Friday. Friday morning came, and when my dad woke up his leg was bright red and swollen up really big. Instead of our intended outing he started his day in the minor med clinic getting an antibiotic shot and oral meds for the infection. Over the next couple of days the leg didn’t get any better, and Dad ended up in the hospital on Sunday for IV antibiotics and observation. Fortunately, now his leg seems to be doing better. Hopefully, he’ll be able to head home in the next day or so.

I’ve also been trying to fight the cough thing that Little has going on, but now I seem to have developed an icky sinus-y thing. I’m all congested and coughing and headache-y and such.

We did have a good day on Friday for Little’s big day (minus Grandad); I’ll try to post more on that later. But overall, this weekend and early part of the week certainly hasn’t turned out quite like I thought it would.

Wasn’t that a rock band from the 80′s?

Thoughtfully penned on August 17th, 2009 and generally concerning E

Last night Little wanted to wear her new “tulip fairy” dress that she got for her birthday. As I gathered the material to help her put it on I noticed that the tag said it was 100% polyester. For whatever reason I commented to Matt something to the effect “wow, it’s 100% polyester.” Little then said, “I’m going to be a poly-sister?!”

Matt said a few weeks ago that sometimes conversing with Little is like dialog from a Naked Gun movie. She is always mis-hearing something we say and repeating it as something that cracks us up.

A few weeks ago we were sitting around the dinner table and Little filled a lull in the conversation with some chat about parks and playgrounds. During her discourse she mentioned that we have two parks that we go to and a mall (meaning the mall play area). Matt said, “Yeah, the mall is kind of like a park.” And Little said, “Not a garlic park, Daddy!”

Whaa? Where does she come up with these things?

Blogging Slump

Thoughtfully penned on August 11th, 2009 and generally concerning Sidetrack'd

There are so many posts I would like to write. So many posts swimming through my mind. And yet, of late, I’ve just lacked the motivation to take the time to write.

So, in the meantime know that we are here and we are well. We’re enjoying these last weeks of HOT days and looking forward to Fall.

I’ll “see” you around.