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For Mother’s Day

Thoughtfully penned on May 8th, 2010 and generally concerning E, Giving Thanks, J, Life with littles, Motherhood, S

To my three little ones:

I am so glad you were born. Each day you bring joy, laughter, and love into my life. I thought my heart was full until you came along, but with each of you I’ve discovered a new depth in my ability to love.

I am so glad you were born. Sweet voices, precious baby giggles, adorable belly laughs. Unexpected bear hugs around the knees, snuggles on the couch, kisses from cute little lips. These things fill my days, my home, and my heart.

I am so glad you were born. We have our share of tantrums, whining, and tears (sometimes from Mommy, too). But the good days far outweigh the bad. Even in the midst of the hard times, looking into your eyes makes me glad that I’m the one you call Mommy.

I am so glad you were born. Watching each of you grow, seeing your personalities develop, observing your discovery of the world. God made you, He designed each facet of you for a purpose. His purpose.

I am so glad you were born. The days are sometimes long and hard, filled with teaching and training, with correction and cautions. Other days are fun, filled with light and laughter, with playing and pretending. But each day is a gift that we share together.

I am so glad you were born. We were given to each other for very specific reasons. I am to prayerfully help you become the women and man God has designed you to be. You help to make me a better person, mother, and Christian.

I am so glad you were born. You are gift like no other. It is a privilege to be your mother. I love you more than you will be able to fathom until you have children of your own.

I am so glad you were born.

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Noise from the peanut gallery

  1. This ought to win! Beautiful words from a beautiful mama! lOVE YOU AND HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!

  2. Beautiful! Motherhood is truly one of life’s greatest blessings!

  3. what a beautiful tribute to your precious children. I am so thankful they were born to you and matt and know you two will do sucvh an awesome job of raising and loving and training them to be wonderful women and man! love to all