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Tending my young flock

Thoughtfully penned on May 18th, 2010 and generally concerning Life with littles, Motherhood

As you know, I am the mother of young children: 3.5 years, 2 years, and 4 months. My days are filled with things like wiping noses, changing diapers, preparing food, cleaning up, picking up, and monitoring sibling relations.

Some days are long and terribly difficult, and other days we breeze through. But at the end of every day I am worn out. Ready for Daddy to get home and help with the parenting, ready for time without three littles demanding my attention.

I love my children, but raising children is hard work. I feel for those mothers who are doing this parenting thing alone, who have husbands who travel, or who have husbands who have to put in late nights and long hours at work.

Yesterday, my sweet sister-in-law, Lu, posted about her tough week last week and how she is trying to change her attitude to make this week a better one. In the comments, someone posted this quote:

“This is the season of long days and short years.”

Oh how true that is! I spend far too many of my days looking forward to naptime, then bedtime; just a little quiet in my world. And then I look at my children and think how time flies.

So many things seem like they occurred just yesterday, yet so long ago. How can a month feel like a week and a year at the same time?

These little people of mine are growing, discovering, learning so much right now. It keeps us all busy and often a bit frustrated (them at the learning process, me at the constant whining and tugging).

But truthfully? I would not trade these long days for anything. Because I recognize that the years are all too short.

And one day, sooner than I might imagine, these little birds of mine will fly all on their own.

Noise from the peanut gallery

  1. I also wrote to Joann and told her that I LOVE that saying… gosh… so very VERY true! I think “if I can make it to nap time! and then once they wake up, sometimes I cringe and think “I didn’t even get a nap or whatever”! Life goes all too quickly and I need to live in the moment! Love y’all!

  2. i think back over the child-raising years…where di they go? we had fun and we were frustrated, I did not have a car to go and we did lots at home which may have been a mixed blessing. Anyhow, the years disappeared somehow and there you are with our “greats”..hang in, as you are doing a great job..love you all

  3. Every Mom goes through this, and we all come out the other side of things a better person. Just remember the kiddos are a gift from God that he has entrusted to you to care for and teach about Him. If you do this, as I know you are, He will give you the energy and strength and patience to make it through each day, one day at a time. Love you bunches! (And you are a GREAT Mom)

  4. I don’t have anything profound to say, but I wanted you to know that I fully understand where you are coming from! The days are so hard sometimes, but looking back, it all goes so fast.

  5. I saw that comment on Lu’s post. It helped change my mindset for this week (my husband and Lu’s work together). Great post.