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Such is life as mom

Thoughtfully penned on December 9th, 2010 and generally concerning Life with littles, Motherhood

Tuesday morning I put on my shirt only to find that it was stained. Just like Saturday I put on my jacket and found a snot mark on the sleeve.

Such is life as mom.

I wore my stained shirt anyway. Because, really, there isn’t much I own that isn’t marked in some way by these three little people who call me “Mommy”. And, quite frankly, it would have had something on it by the end of the day anyway.

Such is life as mom.

While we were at Target I needed to pick up a couple of long sleeve tees to add to my “wardrobe”. At the time I only owned two or three long sleeve shirts, mainly because I wore maternity clothes the entirety of last winter. I don’t tend to buy clothes for myself very often. It’s just more fun to buy for the kids.

Such is life as mom.

After picking up my new shirts, we wandered the aisles of Target and picked up the other things we needed. Baby Girl tried (repeatedly) to climb over the back of the cart seat and Boo made “towers” with the items in the cart with him. Shopping is always an adventure.

Such is life as mom.

We made it to the check out line, and as I put the shirts on the counter I noticed that one had a wet spot on it. It seems, Boo’s sippy cup had dripped on it while it was in the cart. (fortunately, it was just water) Apparently I can’t even purchase a shirt before the kids make their mark on it.

Such is life as mom.

And I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

Noise from the peanut gallery

  1. Such IS life as a Mom, but in later years when you look back, you will smile and think about all the fun times that were had, and not the stained shirts, piles of laundry, etc. that consume your days now.

  2. Oh me…… I’m wearing a shirt with a “mark” on it. I’ve tried several times to get the mark out… who knows WHAT it is!!! :)

    Cute post!

  3. OK did you write this after my whole spill about me wearing sweats and t-shirts with holes all the time???? :)
    such is Life as a mom and I have to say I LOVE IT!!!

  4. i love it! even with one little one this is my life! :)