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Friday five

Thoughtfully penned on April 1st, 2011 and generally concerning Uncategorized

This is the random thoughts on baby girl number 3 version of Friday five.

1. We’re working on a name. I think we might have settled on a first name, but we’ll see.

2. Matt said that J does have one advantage in being the only boy – he’ll have his own bedroom.

3. Aunt Lu says J will be well prepared for marriage after growing up in a house full of girls.

4. The other day E was singing a song about her “new baby sister is coming near my birthday”. I asked her what if baby was born on her birthday. She said, “that would be crazy to have three birthdays on the same day!” (she and Pops share a birthday)

5. We need a few pieces of equipment (bouncy seat, maybe a swing) since we gave away some (swing) and some (bouncy seat) didn’t survive the first three. It’s kind of neat to think I can buy girly things since this will be the last baby. She’ll also have to have some clothes of her own, of course; although, I’m hoping she’ll be able to wear most of E’s and S’s clothes.

Noise from the peanut gallery

  1. No. 4 is cute! :) I can see her saying that.

    No. 3 is true! He’s gonna be a GREAT husband! He’ll have women semi- figured out….or at least…. he’ll know what to expect!!! ;)

    Yay! for J getting his only room….

    So excited about another little niece!! She is gonna be cute and special just like her siblings!

    Love you guys! Have a great weekend!

  2. J will need his own room to seek refuge (hide) from the girls! At least when they all become teenagers, they can offer each other dating advice!:)