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18 months old

Thoughtfully penned on July 28th, 2011 and generally concerning S

The baby (for now) girl is 18 months old!

Now I’m a “big” girl and I…

…am up to 18 lbs 13 oz! Still lower than 5th percentile, but on my own personal growth curve.
…am in the 25th percentile for height now!
…have 12 teeth and seem to have more on the way.
…have lots of words. My favorites all start with “b”, but I’m expanding my vocabulary every day it seems.
…love to climb. Mom says I’m even more of a monkey than my brother.
…love to dance. Especially dancing with my big sister.
…play “ring around the rosie” by myself (often).
…play with my “bay-beesh” and their stroller all the time.
…feel the need to wear shoes and carry a “bahg” as often as possible.
…am very friendly and love to say “hi” to everyone.
…have no clue what I’m in for when I become a big sister in a few days.

On Deadline

Thoughtfully penned on July 13th, 2011 and generally concerning M, Pregnancy

I can count the number of weeks until we meet baby girl on one hand. It’s a significantly lower number than the number of weeks since I last posted here. This is both encouraging – because it is so stinking HOT here right now – and a bit frightening – because we still have much we would like to accomplish before her arrival.

I don’t, however, find myself anxious. Maybe it’s because we have so much else going on that I don’t think about it much. Maybe it’s because God is pouring his peace into me moment by moment. Maybe it’s because I don’t feel the pressure of having everything “perfect” for her arrival like I did with the first (and even the second). Maybe it’s just because I’m so tired from life with a Kindergartner, preschooler, and toddler (not to mention the heat). Whatever it is, it is good.

I’ve tried to spend the last few weeks doing things with the kids, getting some schooling done, and trying to stay cool. But now that we’re down to three and a half weeks until the due date I’m beginning to realize that there are some things that need to be done. Such as diapers; we don’t have any small disposables and her cloth stash isn’t ready to wear. Such as car seat installation; we have the seat in the car, but right now there isn’t a seat available to install it into. Such as a place for her to sleep; we have a couple of options, but still need to do some work for her to have “her own space”. Such as clothes; they are all in the attic, but they need to be brought down, sorted through, and washed. Nothing major. All things that will get done. But definitely things that need attention.

I figure no matter what is or isn’t done, she will come when it’s her time to enter this world. And, quite frankly, she won’t know what “should” be ready for her.

Matt and I have always said we work best on a deadline. Let’s see how much we get done.