Quick, before I get Sidetrack'd

21 months old

Thoughtfully penned on October 13th, 2011 and generally concerning S

My (no longer the) baby girl turned 21 months old this week! Wondering what she’s up to these days?

I am 21 months old now, and I…

…am super happy and cheerful (except when I’m not).
…have quite the little temper.
…am a bit obsessed with the fact that Elmo is on my diapers.
…am talking like crazy (although, you might not understand most of it).
…putting two and three words together and sometimes even a sentence.
…mimicking the words/sounds that I hear from my family.
…love my baby sister (mom says sometimes I love her too much).
…am obsessed with my baby sister’s paci.
…am trying my hardest to jump and get both feet off the ground.
…love to look at books.
…am a bit obsessed with Shake a Leg (Elmo board book).
…have 4 eye teeth coming in.
…love to spin in circles.
…try to do everything my big sister and brother do.
…love, love, love baby dolls.
…am still tiny (but I’m up to 21 lbs!).
…am a bit obsessed with clothes and shoes (especially shoes).
…hate the vacuum, broom, and choo-choo (they make me run and cry).
…like to color (especially on things I shouldn’t color like school books).
…bring great joy and laughter to my home (I’m a funny little bird).

Noise from the peanut gallery

  1. She’s such a little angel! She makes you smile, but she can definitely let you know she has a temper at times. But she’s an all around joy and cute as a button!

  2. Not the shoes. You know they get that from their Mema. A purse & a pair of shoes for every outfit. Katy & Kelsey both have the obsession.

  3. She has gotten SO BIG! She favors E to me! Tim said she did also!