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Friday Five – weekend goals

Thoughtfully penned on October 21st, 2011 and generally concerning Goals

1. Do the great clothing exchange – I’ve had boxes of the kids clothes out of the attic for several weeks now. This weekend I plan to go through all of the clothes in their closets/drawers and the clothes in the boxes to clean out the Summer stuff and put in the Fall/Winter stuff. I also need to sort out the stuff for Spring consignment.

2. Make pumpkin applique shirts for the girls – again, a project I’ve had everything for (except E’s shirt) for awhile now. I intended to have them ready before our pumpkin patch trip last Sunday, now I’m shooting for completing them before our Fall festival at church this Sunday.

3. Catch up on laundry – I’ve let myself fall behind this week and it’s not fun. See also #1.

4. Clean the bathrooms – enough said.

5. Cook some muffins for breakfasts next week.

What are your goals for this weekend?

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