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Thoughtfully penned on December 22nd, 2011 and generally concerning Around the web

Need encouragement, perspective, something neat to see, or maybe even a laugh? Here are some things I’ve seen around the web lately:

31 Days at Bits & Pieces From My Life – A delightful series filled with insight and encouragement for young moms (and moms of young).

Kids Bored Yet?
at It’s Almost Naptime – Ever wondered what swaddling clothes really are? Take a look at the first picture in Missy’s post. Pretty neat.

Christmas vs. Christmastime at Vita Familiae – interesting food for thought.

The One Thing Your Christmas Can’t Afford to Be Without
at A Holy Experience – “And if there is no cross in my Christmas, then my Christmas has lost Christ, and what is the manger if it not for the Messiah, the one who saves us with the scars?” Love, love, love this post!

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