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Friday five: Christmas quirks

Thoughtfully penned on December 23rd, 2011 and generally concerning Christmas Time

You might have noticed that we’re a little quirky around here. Our Christmas decor definitely reflects that. Here are five of our Christmas quirks:

Sock Monkey Tree Topper

This little sock monkey ornament came along around the time Matt and I got married (or maybe even before). For the last 10 years he has held the place of honor on our tree each Christmas.

No Ornaments on Bottom of Tree

You might think there are no ornaments on the bottom 12″-18″ of our tree to keep little hands off of them. That is not, however, the case. Once upon a time, there were ornaments in that area, but the little hands have moved them higher.

Random Drawings Under Tree

There are no gifts under our tree, but there are these two random pictures that E and J put under there last week. J’s is drawn on monster-print scrapbook paper. E’s is a handprint and leaves.

Hanky Panky the Elf

Yep, his name is Hanky Panky. Nope, I have no clue why. This little guy is a relic of my childhood. He always graced a shelf at my grandparents’ house as well as one at my parents’ house. When Matt and I got married my grandmother made one for us. I like to think of him as the original Elf on the Shelf.

Handmade Stockings

Matt and I came into our marriage each having a handmade stocking (his made by his paternal grandmother, mine made by my paternal grandmother). It was also a tradition in my family that new grandmothers would make stockings for their grandchild’s first Christmas. Therefore, my four children have stockings handmade by my mother (thanks, Mom!). The stockings belong to (top row, l to r) me, S, Matt, (bottom row, l to r) M, J, E. These are one of my favorite Christmas traditions.

Now that you’ve glimpsed our Christmas quirkiness, what Christmas quirks do you have at your house?

Noise from the peanut gallery

  1. I picked your stocking out immediately. It is still funny after all these years I remember the patterns Momma picked out for each of you. It made her sad that her vision would not allow her to continue the tradition with the greats.

  2. ok, the sock monkey is creepy! lol! but i love the drawings at the bottom of the tree..reagan has a few under there for the cat and us too!

  3. Okay! This post has totally reinforced my guilt! After it took me until Lil’s third Christmas to finish her stocking, I totally cheated with Liz. I modified a Cracker Barrel stocking with the intent that I would finish her’s by the next year. Your Mema gave me alot of grief about that. I’m surprised Liz hasn’t said something! I quess I should work on that this year. Your Mom makes me look really bad. Merry Christmas, Love to all of you! Aunt Wanda

  4. I think it is a little quirky that we have the habit of doing a Christmas MadLib after dinner every night. One day Owen had been bugging me all. day. to do a MadLib with him and after dinner was the first free moment I had. After that, the kids wanted to do one every night after dinner. I’m sure the hilarious giggles weren’t so good for digestion, but it was fun. :-)