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Thankfulness Thursday 1

Thoughtfully penned on May 24th, 2012 and generally concerning Giving Thanks

I haven’t written a thankfulness post in several months, so I’m beginning afresh. The plan is to post a list of “grateful fors” every Thursday.

This week I am grateful for:

1. a husband who is handy around the house and willing to research and learn how to do most things that need to be done.
2. healthy children
3. Summer break from school (we’ll start back in 4-6 weeks)
4. plenty of food in my fridge and pantry
5. yummies from the farmer’s market last weekend
6. new water bottles (it’s the little things)
7. opportunities to share God’s love
8. realization of the things that hold me back (so I can do something about them)
9. a chance for E to have a week alone with her BeBe and Grandad
10. a good, stable job with steady income
11. our house (although I sometimes lose sight of this)
12. books to read
13. chances to see the joy of discovery on my children’s faces
14. babywearing (I love to have her close)
15. a husband who “gets” me (I’m kinda quirky)
16. finding cute dresses for family pictures (still need to clothe the rest of us)
17. dependable cars
18. a God who knows, even when I don’t
19. being able to nurse M this long and still going strong
20. good friends

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