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Thankfulness Thursday 1

Thoughtfully penned on May 24th, 2012 and generally concerning Giving Thanks

I haven’t written a thankfulness post in several months, so I’m beginning afresh. The plan is to post a list of “grateful fors” every Thursday.

This week I am grateful for:

1. a husband who is handy around the house and willing to research and learn how to do most things that need to be done.
2. healthy children
3. Summer break from school (we’ll start back in 4-6 weeks)
4. plenty of food in my fridge and pantry
5. yummies from the farmer’s market last weekend
6. new water bottles (it’s the little things)
7. opportunities to share God’s love
8. realization of the things that hold me back (so I can do something about them)
9. a chance for E to have a week alone with her BeBe and Grandad
10. a good, stable job with steady income
11. our house (although I sometimes lose sight of this)
12. books to read
13. chances to see the joy of discovery on my children’s faces
14. babywearing (I love to have her close)
15. a husband who “gets” me (I’m kinda quirky)
16. finding cute dresses for family pictures (still need to clothe the rest of us)
17. dependable cars
18. a God who knows, even when I don’t
19. being able to nurse M this long and still going strong
20. good friends

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Hug Abyss

Thoughtfully penned on May 23rd, 2012 and generally concerning Life with littles, S

As each of our children learn to talk, new words or phrases are added to our family vocabulary. S’s big contribution is the “hug abyss”.

Each night as we tucked the children not bed she would say, “I hug abyss you!” Meaning, I want a hug and kiss.

So every night we hug abyss.

There are certain things they say (and ways they say things) that I wish would never change.

May FOUR (finally!)

Thoughtfully penned on May 21st, 2012 and generally concerning FOUR

I’ve had this on my phone for weeks but haven’t taken the time to post it. Here are my four acting goofy at the zoo. (And check out M’s face; she seems to disdain the entire thing.)

On writing

Thoughtfully penned on May 1st, 2012 and generally concerning Just Write

I write in my head constantly. So many things I want to get down on paper, down on this blog, written to others. But time is fleeting and so are my thoughts. There is so little time and so many things I want to do.

It’s been a month since I’ve written here. I look back and wonder where the month went, where the words went. The month was crazy with the negative – sickness, travel, death – but also the positive – birthdays, visits, learning.

The kids grow and change. The school year slips by. So many things I want to record, yet so few things made record of.

One day, I tell myself. One day things will change. The house will be quieter, the demands will be less.

But one day, the words will be gone. Only the imprint of a memory from days gone by.

My heart says it is time to write again. My head says, “when?”

Time, it is a tricky thing. So much of it looming, yet so little of it in the moment.

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