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Thoughts on Summer

Thoughtfully penned on June 6th, 2012 and generally concerning Life with littles, Summer Fun

Life keeps moving at a rapid pace. It’s hard to keep up. Sometimes I long for the “quiet” days when our children were younger and there were less commitments and outside demands. If I feel this way now, what will it be like in 5 years or so when our children are deep into sports, dance, friends, etc that fill our time as well as theirs?

We are filling our Summer with trips to the park, zoo visits, outside play, water play, and lots of time with friends (both for the kids and the mommy). It has been good, but I think things have sped up instead of slowing down since we finished school. I guess that’s inherent with our homeschooling; we slow down during the school year because we need to be home to do school and all of the kids friends are in school. Seems counterintuitive, but seems to be true. For this year at least.

E and J love to be outside to ride their bikes. It is impossible to keep M in one place while we’re out (without lugging the pack ‘n play out there). Yesterday M was crawling all over the front yard, driveway, and carport. I don’t know how she managed to not scrape up her legs and feet. That girl is busy!

E is asking when we’ll start first grade. Our curriculum came a few weeks ago, so I guess I’ll take some time the next few days to look over it, and we’ll start school again next week. I’m excited about our curriculum, and this will give us a good way to keep our time occupied on the hot, hot days. Doesn’t hurt that it will give us a little flexibility for the school year.

So, that’s the summary of our Summer so far. Hope you’re enjoying June!

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