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December FOUR

Thoughtfully penned on December 4th, 2012 and generally concerning FOUR

It’s been a day of moments.

Like this one…

They never would have posed like that if I’d asked them; it was just part of their play.

Or the one where S came into the room carrying a bag and said she’d just “got back from down the town to kafari (safari).”

Or the one where the four were headed outside to play safari with E in a fire fighter jacket, J in an Air Force flight suit, and S in her giraffe costume.

Or the one where J woke up asking if he could do more math today.

Or the ones where M nodded or shook her head (or whole body, rather) to answer a question.

Or the one going on right now where they are all happily playing in one room together.

December four is good.