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Sometimes I wish I drank caffeinated coffee

Thoughtfully penned on June 13th, 2013 and generally concerning Uncategorized

Summer is in full swing around here. The heat was a little late to the party, but it rolled in just in time for VBS this week.

VBS week is always “tired week” around here. Evening VBS throws off all of our schedules, and by Thursday we’re in a bit of a tail spin. But we persevere and enjoy the insanity this one week a year.

This year the kids are also attending morning VBS with friends. They are loving every minute of it! There is nothing that says “Summer” to church kids like VBS; the more the better.

Our church’s VBS theme this year is “kids serving others”. Each night the Bible story is a launching point for another area that can be served. The areas we’re covering are family, friends, neighbors, community, and God. The kids are challenged to find ways to serve each day and bring them back written on paper hands when they come to VBS each evening. It is such fun to see the kids brainstorm ways to serve others and to see the excitement in their faces as they report their kind deeds.

So as we make our way through this week filled with VBS, late lunches, late naps, rushed dinners, evenings away from home, and being up past bedtime, I cherish the moments where my older kids think of ways to serve and reflect on ways they’ve helped others throughout their busy days.

Even as my weary mind and body crave caffeinated coffee and a nap.

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