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Welcome to 2014!

Thoughtfully penned on February 17th, 2014 and generally concerning Goals

Yes, I realize I’m about six weeks late to this party, but if there is one thing at which I excel it is procrastination.

So, here is my first of the year post about resolutions…

I am not a resolution maker by nature. I find that using the term “resolution” and making them at the first of the year leads to a desire to do the exact opposite of that which I’ve resolved. Resolution to get up early and workout equals staying in bed an extra half hour (or more). Resolution to eat better equals undeniable cravings for everything chocolate. Resolution to let the kids watch only one show in the morning and start school at the same time everyday with everyone dressed and ready to go. Well, that’s obviously not ever going to happen.

I find that life works better when I ease into these so called “resolutions”. Yep, there’s that procrastination again. And I wonder why it takes so long for my children to finish their school work.

That being said, I do have a few things I’d like to achieve in 2014. Up to this point these goals have resided only in my head which means they are in imminent danger of being lost every moment. So let’s get them on virtual paper and we’ll see how it all plays out as the year goes on.

1. begin exercising regularly again (I actually started this 4 weeks ago, now to just carry on)
2. start and complete the Whole30 eating program/”systemic reset” (this begins tomorrow…yikes)
3. run a 5k in the spring and a 10k in the fall
4. lose some weight (right now I’m at 4 pounds lost, hoping for 22, but body shape and the way I feel is more important than the number)

5. begin recycling cardboard and plastic
6. have the kitchen redo/build-out quoted
7. paint the kids bedrooms and move M in with the girls and J into his own room
8. buy new bedding for our room and repaint the walls

9. incorporate the BSF school study into our Bible curric (starting in Sept)
10. finish school by the last week of April
11. have 2014/15 curriculum in hand by the end of May
12. begin working with S on early reading skills
13. create a read aloud list for the summer

Random personal goals:
13. read 30 books (I’m 9 in at this point)
14. find a Bible study to work through this summer between BSF years
15. sew at least one dress/outfit for each of the girls
16. complete the 2 cross stitch projects that I’ve started
17. blog regularly again

That looks like a good start on things. I’ll update, add, and revise as the year goes on. Happy 2014!