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Thoughtfully penned on October 8th, 2008 and generally concerning J, Meme, Pregnancy

Now it’s time for the second installment of the “Me and My Baby” meme.  Here is a portion of Boo’s life story…

Were you married at the time? Yes, we’d been married for almost 7 years when Boo was born.

What were your reactions when you found out that you were pregnant? We were a bit surprised but very excited.

How old were you? 29 when he was born.

How did you find out that you were pregnant? About two months after Little weaned, and a couple weeks after her first birthday, I began to suspect that I might be pregnant again.  There were a few days here and there where I didn’t feel all that great, and I was feeling a bit more tired than usual.  I decided to take my temperature a couple of mornings (as in FAM); the first morning it was up and I just knew that I was pregnant.  I picked up a test while I was out running errands.  When I took the test it immediately turned pink; there was no doubt it was positive.

Who did you tell first? I called Matt at work to tell him.

Did you find out the sex? But of course.

Due date? April 19.

Did you deliver early or late? A few days early.

Did you have morning sickness? Yes.  Not as quite as bad as with Little, but I threw up regularly and felt bad for most of weeks seven through sixteen.

What did you crave? Chick-Fil-A waffle fries.

Who irritated you most? I’m sure it was Little or Matt just because they are the ones I’m with the most.

What was your child’s sex? It’s a boy!

How many pounds did you gain throughout your pregnancy? About 30.

Did you have any complications during your pregnancy? So far I’ve been blessed with smooth pregnancies; no complications with this one either.  I did, however, have three stomach bugs during my pregnancy (including one the day before he was born, but that’s another story) which was not fun.

Where did you give birth? in a hospital.

How many hours were you in labor? My doc inadvertently broke my water during my weekly visit.  That was about 4:30 or 4:45 in the afternoon and he was born at 12:12 am, so about 7.5 hours.

Who drove you to the hospital? I drove myself.  I was at the doctor’s office, which is directly in front of the hospital, when my water broke.  Matt was on his way home from work (had just left the office when I called), and my mom was at my house with Little, so I was on my own.

Who watched? Matt was the only one in the room through the whole thing; my mom was there until I started pushing.

Was it vaginal or c-section? The old fashioned way again this time.

Did you take medicine to ease the pain? I was bound and determined that I was going to deliver without medication, but they started a pit drip (b/c of my water breaking) and I gave into the pain and asked for an epidural.  The epi was wearing off in a major way by the time I started pushing, so I felt much more this time around than with Little.

How much did your baby weigh? He was exactly 8 pounds.

What did you name your baby? His first name is a family name (he’s the latest in a long line) and his middle name is biblical.  We called him Boo in utero before we found out his gender and it stuck as blogging name.

How old is your baby today? He’s five months old.


Thoughtfully penned on September 24th, 2008 and generally concerning E, Grandparents, Meme, Motherhood, Pregnancy

I saw this meme on my SIL’s blog the other day.  I haven’t yet written out the kids’ birth stories, so I thought this would be a good way to record some of that information.

Were you married at the time? Yes, for 5 years.

What were your reactions when you found out that you were pregnant? We were so excited; we knew we were ready to add a little one to our family.  I was also a bit nervous as I think all first time moms are.

How old were you? 27 when she was born.

How did you find out that you were pregnant? I had been charting my temps (using FAM), so I knew that having a higher temp for more than 16 days probably meant I was pregnant.  I tried to wait 21 days before I took a test but only made it 18.  The first test must have been defective because it only made part of a plus, the second test registered positive almost immediately.  We found out on Nana’s (Matt’s mom) birthday.

Who did you tell first? I called Matt at work and then my best friend, Nicole.

Did you find out the sex? Yes, I think it would have driven both Matt and me crazy not to know.

Due date? August 7.

Did you deliver early or late? a week early.

Did you have morning sickness? that would be a yes.  I threw up every morning and felt terrible the rest of the day for 8 weeks.

What did you crave? pineapple pizza from Papa John’s during the first trimester, anything spicy the rest of the time.  I went through 2-3 jars of salsa per week.  I also had a major aversion to the smell of coffee until about 17 weeks; I almost threw up one night in the cereal/coffee aisle of Target.

Who irritated you most? I can’t recall one person in particular that irritated me, but I’m sure everyone irritated me at one point or another.

What was your first child’s sex? she’s a girl.

How many pounds did you gain throughout your first pregnancy? 24.

Did you have any complications during your pregnancy? not a single one, thank God.  I didn’t even have any swelling until the very end.

Where did you give birth? in a hospital.

How many hours were you in labor? my water broke at 1:45 p.m. and I hadn’t had a noticeable contraction yet.  They started a pitocin drip about 4:00 p.m. and she was born at 10:33 p.m.  So labor was just under 9 hours.

Who drove you to the hospital? Matt.  When I called him at work to tell him my water broke and he needed to come home he didn’t believe me at first; I think he was in shock.

Who watched? Matt was there the whole time and my mom made it into town about the time I started pushing, so she got to see her first granddaughter come into the world.

Was it vaginal or c-section? she came out the old fashioned way.

Did you take medicine to ease the pain? I had an amazing epidural when I got to 7cm; I didn’t feel a thing after that.

How much did your baby weigh? she was 7 pounds 1/2 ounce.

What did you name your first born baby? she has a beautiful name that I love, but we call her Little around here.

How old is your first born today? she’s two years old.

Little was born on her Pops’s birthday.  Matt called Nana and Pops while we drove to the hospital to let them know that Little’s arrival was imminent.  They were at Nana’s college registering for her Fall semester classes, so Pops had to call us back when they got somewhere quieter so he could hear Matt.  I think he thought we were calling to wish him a happy birthday; he was quite surprised to hear that his granddaughter was on her way on his birthday.  It’s pretty neat that she shares a birthday with her Pops.

Introducing Boo

Thoughtfully penned on April 15th, 2008 and generally concerning J, Pregnancy


Good morning all. Just a quick note to let you know that Boo was born around midnight this morning. He weighs exactly 8 lbs. and is 20.5 inches long. Jana and Boo are both doing well and should be home tomorrow.

Still here…

Thoughtfully penned on April 10th, 2008 and generally concerning J, Pregnancy, Spring is here!

Still pregnant…


38 1/2 weeks. Good heartbeat. Good movement. Good blood pressure. A few more contractions. A little more discomfort. A little less sleep. Ready to pop. Waiting to see what the next few days hold.

There hasn’t been too much to report this week. Little and I have been enjoying the warm, sunny days with lots of visits to the park and outside play time. Matt planted flowers in our flower beds over the weekend and some in pots last night; it is nice to see the color outside the windows after the drab winter. Little refers to the flowers as “da-da’s fowfers” everytime she sees them. Now we’re gearing up for more rain this afternoon and tonight and a few-day cold snap (hopefully the last of the season).

Hope you are all having a wonderful week!

37 down, 3 to go?

Thoughtfully penned on March 31st, 2008 and generally concerning J, Pregnancy

Today was our 37 week doctor appointment and everything looked good – my blood pressure, baby’s heartrate, etc. She approved my birth plan and confirmed that he is definitely still head down.

But how do you reply when the doc says, “this isn’t going to be the smallest baby I’ve ever seen?” On one hand, this is a good thing because I’m sure she’s seen some pretty tiny ones in her years of delivering babies. On the other hand, I’m not so sure about delivering a big baby (especially since I hope to deliver unmedicated, but we’ll see how that goes).

She asked what size Little was when she was born and when I said 7 lbs 1 oz she said that Boo is about that size now and will probably be bigger than that, especially if we go three more weeks. The doc who delivered Little “guesstimated” her to be much bigger than she actually was, so we’ll see if this doc is more adept at determining size based solely on external signs.

The only question that remains (or at least the only one that comes to mind) is whether or not we’ll make it through these next three weeks. According to my “progress report” today I’m at about the same dilation/thinning as the day Little was born. Guess we better get a hospital bag packed and the car seat installed!

In the home stretch

Thoughtfully penned on March 26th, 2008 and generally concerning J, Pregnancy

Yesterday Boo and I had our 36 week doctor appointment.  36weeks.jpg
That means that if he holds out for the due date we have just over three weeks before we welcome this little man into the world.  If he is on a schedule like Little it will be about two weeks.  I’m torn between being anxious to meet him and wanting him to wait a little longer because, you know, we aren’t really prepared to bring him home (read: his room isn’t finished, clothes aren’t washed, we have no diapers). But, alas, as my friends keep reminding me, he really won’t care if everything is finished.

Anyway, we are now to the point where it is okay for him to come whenever he decides it is time.  We’re making some progress in that direction and he is confirmed to be head down.  Guess now it is just a matter of waiting patiently for our precious new son.

The day my belly button disappeared

Thoughtfully penned on March 17th, 2008 and generally concerning Pregnancy

I don’t know exactly when it happened.  It could have been a Thursday or maybe even a Monday.  It was probably a gradual parting; one of those things that happens so slowly you don’t even realize it is happening.   All I know is that one day I looked down and my belly button was gone.  It didn’t leave a note.  It didn’t say goodbye.  I hope it comes back one day.    

Can I blame this on Boo?

Thoughtfully penned on March 12th, 2008 and generally concerning Pregnancy

I’ve started working through a birth plan for Baby Boo and trying to get it all formulated and on paper.  As a result of giving birth at a different hospital this time than last time (and using a different OB and OB group), I had a few questions for my doctor about her position on things and a few questions about the hospital’s policies.

Knowing that I had my 34 week appointment on Monday morning, I spent some time Sunday afternoon writing out my questions to be sure I didn’t forget something.  On Sunday evening, we attended a meeting at church where I lent my notebook to a friend.  I left the notebook with said friend.

So, Sunday night I wrote out my questions again (hoping that I got everything I had the first time around).  I got to the doctor’s office on Monday morning only to realize that I’d left that list of questions at home!

I would love to blame this on pregnancy brain, but it probably would have happened even if I wasn’t pregnant.

More on nesting…and the Boo-belly

Thoughtfully penned on February 27th, 2008 and generally concerning Housework, J, Pregnancy, Sidetrack'd

I’m beginning to wonder if nesting is a blessing or a curse. It is nice to get things accomplished around here, but when I’m working on limited time and energy it seems weird that I’m concerned with things like getting the tops of the door frames cleaned.

The other day I was thinking about this time of pregnancy with Little. At first I thought, “I don’t remember nesting like this. I wonder why this time is different?” And then I really thought about it and realized that we closed on our house about eleven weeks before she was born and moved into it about six weeks before she was born. The time in between was spent packing, painting, cleaning the apartment, and getting the house ready for move in. Those final weeks were spent painting, unpacking, settling in, and getting Little’s things ready for her arrival. No wonder I don’t remember nesting!

Anyway, I am trying to get things marked off my to-do list as I have the energy. And I’m trying not to worry about the things that won’t get done. These last weeks are better spent preparing for birth, preparing for Jack’s arrival, and spending those last “only child” times with my little bit of girl (btw – this phrase is the source of her nickname; I called her that a lot when she was a tiny girl). We’ll see how the “not worrying about things that won’t get done” part goes.

And finally…It’s been awhile since I posted a Boo-belly picture. Here is one I took on Monday before my doctor appointment; we’re 32 weeks along.


Baby prep

Thoughtfully penned on February 22nd, 2008 and generally concerning J, Pregnancy

A copy of The Birth Book on the bedside table waiting to be read. A ring sling awaiting a baby to carry. Plans to buy one of these on my SIL’s recommendation. Registries created. Doctor’s appointments every two weeks, then once a week. A room in the final stages of painting. Blue clothes and burpies on the way.

Eight weeks to go!