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One year old!

Thoughtfully penned on January 18th, 2011 and generally concerning S

I am one year old now! These days I am…

…standing alone for a few seconds at a time.
…taking a step or two every now and then.
…saying mama, dada, bye bye, hi, and baby.
…eating only table food. Try to feed me with a spoon at your own risk!
…weighing in at 16 pounds, 6 ounces!
…wearing 6-9, 9-12, or 6-12 months size clothes!
…learning new ways to terrorize my siblings.
…making it very clear when there is something I want but don’t have.
…still sporting 6 teeth.
…drinking whole milk from a sippy cup.

Sorry for the lack of picture, I’m posting from the iPad during nap time. I’ll try to get one up later.

One year old check up

Thoughtfully penned on January 13th, 2011 and generally concerning S

I have a couple of birthday posts that I plan to write for the Baby Girl (as well as some 2010 wrap up posts, but we’ll see when that happens), but right now I don’t have time to do pictures and such.

So, Baby Girl turned one this week (where did the year go?), and our big one year old check up is today. With the other two kiddos I’ve gone into this appointment with no questions or concerns. And it’s not that I really have concerns about Baby Girl, but I am a bit nervous about seeing the doc today.

You see, we’ve spent the last several months fighting a failure to thrive diagnosis. At about 8 months old she basically just stopped gaining weight. We’ve been going in every month for a weight check, and her “gain” has been 1 ounce (8 to 9 months), 6 ounces (9 to 10 months), 0 ounces (10 to 11 months).

That makes today the big day; the day that she will or will not be “diagnosed”. Labeled. A course of treatment determined.

For the last month we’ve had to keep a food journal listing everything that she eats. Do you know how hard that is for a baby? Sometimes she picks things up off the floor and I don’t even know it.

So today is the day. The big weigh in.

I think she’s gained weight.

I hope she’s gained weight.

I pray she’s gained weight.

We’ll see in a couple of hours.

Friday five

Thoughtfully penned on December 3rd, 2010 and generally concerning Christmas Time, J, Life with littles, S

I think I’m going to start using Friday (at least this week) to post 5 random out takes from our week. So, what’s been going on this week?

1. Monday started with a trip to the doctor for Little. She had been running fever off and on (but mainly on) since Thursday night. She ended up having ear infections in both ears.

2. To continue with the sickies, Baby Girl has had a runny nose and congested cough (when she’s laying down) since Tuesday. And now I’ve caught her cold and it looks like Boo probably has as well.

3. Moving on to happier thoughts…we put up our Christmas trees this week. The first one went up Sunday evening; it’s a smallish tree in the kitchen with snowman ornaments on it. The second tree went up last night; it’s our big tree in the living room. I love having the tree lights on!

4. We’ve been in the house A LOT more than usual this week. It’s been both good and bad.

5. We are really enjoying the Jesse Tree the last few days. Little asked several times yesterday about our Bible story, and she took the “stump of Jesse” ornament for show-and-share at school. I hope this becomes a meaningful tradition for the kids.

Happy weekend!

10 months old

Thoughtfully penned on November 18th, 2010 and generally concerning S

I am 10 months old now and…

…I wave and say “bye-bye”.
…I cruise all over the place.
…I’ve learned to shake my head.
…I am the owner of six teeth.
…I eat primarily table food.
…I am finally moving into some 6-9 months clothes, but
…I still wearing mostly 3-6 months clothes.
…I weigh in at 15 pounds 9 ounces.
…I recently started drinking water and juice from a sippy cup.
…I am still nursing.

Baby girl is a joy and a delight! We all love her to bits just as we should.

This Week

Thoughtfully penned on October 23rd, 2010 and generally concerning Life with littles, Plagues and Pestilence, S

So, this week didn’t go exactly as I had planned (or would have liked). But such is life with three littles, I suppose.

Last weekend Little and Boo went with my parents to visit my brother and his family. Can’t say I was real happy that they were going to Florida and I wasn’t, but it was nice to have a weekend with just Matt and Baby Girl. And it was very quiet around here!

Monday was a good day: BSF leaders’ meeting, lunch with my friend J, errands with Baby Girl, a quiet afternoon, and the kids homecoming that night.

Tuesday morning we went to the Botanical Gardens with Stacey and her girls (more on that in a post later this week…hopefully). We had a blast!

I noticed that morning that BG was running a low grade fever, but I brushed it off as teething and went on with the day. When we got back from the gardens I noticed she felt warmer, so I took her temp. 102.

Her fever topped at around 104.5 Tuesday night, and we spent the next few days battling a moderate fever (101-103). She had a VERY stuffy nose, was lethargic, and wasn’t eating. Since she won’t drink from a cup, I tried a lot of approaches to getting water in her before I finally found one cup she would take (as long as I held it).

Out the door went any plans we might have had for the rest of the week – BSF on Wednesday, a trip to the library and park on Thursday (we did do dance on Friday, but only because the fever finally broke). We stayed home and tried to get the baby girl well (which involved a lot of holding, coddling, and tylenol). In fact, on Thursday I was still in my pj’s when Stacey came by at 3:15.

It wasn’t exactly the week I expected, but it was kind of nice to have a couple of slow days being at home.

Now if we can just get her totally well so she will nurse again and stop waking up screaming in the middle of the night!

Oh yeah, and now I have pink eye!

9 months old

Thoughtfully penned on October 12th, 2010 and generally concerning S

I am 9 months old! Now I am…

…pulling up to my feet on any and everything.
…the proud owner of FIVE teeth!
…clapping my hands.
…doing the sign for “more” but I haven’t quite connected the two ideas.
…very, very interested in what Little and Boo are doing.
…the proud owner of a “big girl” car seat.
…still wearing 3-6 months size clothes.
…saying Da-da and Ma-ma.
…still nursing strong.
…eating more and more table food.
…still tiny – 15 pounds 3 ounces and 26 inches long.
…still a happy, smiley, joyful baby girl!

[sorry for the slightly fuzzy quality of the photo. when dealing with poor lighting, moving subject, and bad photographer you take what you can get.]

Goings on

Thoughtfully penned on September 13th, 2010 and generally concerning God's at Work in My Life, J, Life with littles, S

There has been a lot and not much going on here all at the same time. As of today our Fall activities are in full swing, and we are busy.

Little is going to preschool two days a week at a local church. She was so excited to go to “big school”, and she seems to love it. My oldest girl thrives on structure, so school is right up her alley; guess I’ll have to get my act together if we decide to homeschool next year for Kindergarten.

Little has also begun taking dance. She is part of a class held at a local church and led by a lady from our church. It is a pretty casual class (no big production, no make up, no stage moms), which was just what we were looking for to start her off. Mrs. Kim teaches them ballet and tap, and Little is really excited to dance.

This is my fourth year participating in Bible Study Fellowship, and this year I am serving as a leader in the children’s program. That means that I have leaders’ meetings on Mondays in addition to our regular class meeting, and a couple of hours of teaching prep on top of the usual class homework. It seems odd to a lot of people that I, mom to three kids four and under, am working in the children’s program, and all I can say is that sometimes God calls us to do (seemingly) strange things.

I’m also doing a Bible study at church this Fall. We’ve started a new ministry for moms and this study is kind of a “kick-off”. This ministry is something that has been on my heart and in my mind for a while now, so I was very excited when I was approached about being part of the leadership/vision team. The last couple of years God has really placed a burden on my heart for young moms, children, and families. I am excitedly anticipating God’s work through the moms ministry this year!

And between all of these things we are trying to fit in playdates, housework, and rest. We’re looking forward to a fun and exciting Fall.

8 months old

Thoughtfully penned on September 11th, 2010 and generally concerning S

Now I am eight months old and…

…I’m still going strong with nursing
…I love to eat solids, too, though
…I like baby food and some table foods
…my mommy thinks I might be addicted to cheerios and puffies
…I have two teeth now! top front right and bottom front right
…I cross-lateral crawl about 95% of the time
…I can pull up to my knees
…I weigh 15 lbs. 2 oz.
…I’m still comfortably wearing 3-6 months clothes
…I celebrated 8 months with my first ear infection (boo!)
…and my first antibiotic (boo, again!)
…I’m a wee bit attached to mommy
…I do okay with others when I can’t see mommy, though
…I’m growing and changing all the time
…I’m still the sweetest baby in the world (or at least that’s what I’m told)

7 months old

Thoughtfully penned on August 11th, 2010 and generally concerning S

Now I am seven months old and…

…I do the inchworm scoot to get around.
…I love to get into my siblings toys.
…I like to eat any scrap of paper I get my hands on.
…I have a tooth!
…I eat a few solid foods now.
…I love sweet potatoes and avocados!
…I’m still nursing like a champ.
…I weigh 14 lbs 14 oz and am 25 inches long.
…that makes me 10th percentile for weight and height.
…I really am a tiny little peanut.

…once again my Mommy is way behind on posting this update.

(but in my defense, I was trying to get a good picture to post with it…which I still don’t have)


Thoughtfully penned on July 29th, 2010 and generally concerning E, J, S

It’s a week of milestones at chez Sidetrack’d…

This Little bit of girl turns four this week:

This little Boo decided it was time to potty train:

And this Baby Girl started army crawling and got her first tooth:

All in all, a good week!