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Vincent shoes giveaway

Thoughtfully penned on September 6th, 2007 and generally concerning Contests, Shoes anyone?, Summer Fun

Okay, I’m sad to admit that Little is in pretty desperate need of new shoes (seeing how her only pair is too small). So, when Steph posted a giveaway for Vincent Shoes (adorable shoes, btw) I knew I had to sign up. Now I’ve finally gotten around to it.

If you’re interested, the contest ends tonight, so hurry over to Adventures in Babywearing and sign up!

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The Crocs were a flop

Thoughtfully penned on June 15th, 2007 and generally concerning Shoes anyone?, Sidetrack'd

Last weekend, armed with your wonderful comments and advice, I set out on a quest for the Crocs.

The first stop, on Friday, was Dillard’s where they offered chocolate brown and a few other varieties of color that didn’t interest me much. I was leaning toward brown after Sheryl’s comment about scuffing as I tend to be hard on shoes, so the lack of choices really wasn’t an issue. Trying on a brown pair, I determined pretty quickly that this was not the color for me. I’m not sure exactly what the problem was, whether it was the color itself or the material the shoes are made from, but the brown just wasn’t cutting it.

On Saturday, I made the next venture into Croc hunting. Dragging along Matt, Little, and my parents, we visited the outdoors store that is about 15 to 20 minutes from our house. I was hoping for a broader selection of said shoes, and was not disappointed. They did not, however, have the celery or lavender Mary Janes. I tried on a few more pairs (in various colors) for the benefit of my audience before deciding that this wasn’t the footwear bandwagon for me.

I did, however, find these little cuties by Teva, and they were more than happy to come home with me. These are the shoes I can most often be seen wearing these days.


Also at the outdoor store I came across this day pack, which I refer to as The Cutest Bag Ever. Unfortunately, I have to wait until I find something to wear to the wedding before I can welcome the bag into my home. I’m pretty sure the wait will be worth it.


Shoes and more!

Thoughtfully penned on June 1st, 2007 and generally concerning Blogging News, E, Shoes anyone?

I *heart* shoes! This time around it is shoes for Little.

Steph at Adventures in Babywearing is hosting a give-away for a $50 gift certificate to Vincent Shoes! I’m really liking the Bettys, Loves, and Martins. Only the Loves come in her current size, but I could always get one of the others in the next size up.

If you have littles you should check Vincent out. Too cute!

I hope I win!

The girls over at the Pinks & Blues blog are also hosting a contest. They are giving away an adorable Dooney & Burke purse and a bottle of Dream Angels Heavenly Eau de Parfum by Victoria’s Secret. That is one cute summer bag!

Shoes and bags; really, what more could a girl want??

A shoe show of hands

Thoughtfully penned on May 31st, 2007 and generally concerning Matt's Hard Earned Cash, Shoes anyone?, Sidetrack'd

I’m considering jumping on the bandwagon and purchasing a pair of Crocs. For those of you who don’t know me well, I’m not really the bandwagon jumping type most of the time; thus, I’m a couple of years behind on this whole trend in footwear. In fact, I’ve considered them about the ugliest thing you could put on your feet, and scoffed at the idea that they might be the most comfortable shoes on God’s green earth. But, I digress.

A couple of months ago my friend Michelle showed up at Bible study wearing an adorable pair of Crocs Mary Janes, and I haven’t been able to get them out of my mind. So, I’m trying to decide what color I would like to get. Do I go with the fun-loving lavender? The sassy celery? Or the good old standby – chocolate brown?

Let me know which color you vote for in the comments.

Fun-Loving Lavender

Sassy Celery

Chocolate Brown